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Losing someone to death, break up, betrayal, and so on creates a lasting impact within us.

We all know that it is important to attend to the consequent emotion, ‘Grief’. We know it’s also essential to experience it, to go through it. But we do become uncomfortable when it comes to making space for Grief. Because it IS overwhelming, and hence, we set a timeline to our grief.

Grief is that one emotion that stays with us like a pit within. Sometimes it grows, sometimes it shrinks. But it stays.

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“Grief is not finite. There is nothing static about loss; it keeps changing, just like we do.”

This beautiful quotation is from “on Grief and Grieving by David Kessler and Elisabeth Kubler Ross” and these lines talk about one of the most important things when it comes to grief and healing. 

We are programmed to believe that there will be a stop to healing over a loss. That we will stop missing them at a point, that acceptance means coming to terms with the loss and moving on.

But when we lose someone, we also lose a part of ourselves. Who we were then, before the loss occurred, is gone too.  And now, we must build ourselves, our world right from the ground, a world where the lost is not present anymore.

We’re not only dealing with the loss of our loved ones, but we’re also trying to heal from a loss of our own selves.

And here’s the thing, healing is never static. It is never linear. We don’t start from one point in a one specific path only to stop at another point where we are okay.

Healing from grief is ever changing, we find new things about ourselves, we also find new things about our connection. We don’t move ON from this loss, we move FORWARD WITH this loss.

We keep this black hole within our hearts and take this with us, on and on.

Grief has its own process.

Some grieve with lightness in their heart, for others its presence is too heavy. Grief is unique and its personal.

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We need to welcome the acknowledgment of grief and all its pain into our lives.

Yes, the world around us moves forward, yes it is ‘expected’ out of us to move on too, but grief is not predictable. It cannot be contained.

There is no meaning in our loss.

Our loss is not a test or even a blessing.

Loss is just that.

This loss is not properly defined, this loss can sometimes be bearable, this loss can sometimes be too much. It can be easier to carry, it can also be excruciatingly painful. This loss comes and goes.

We live in this journey of grief and loss throughout. Once we let it in, maybe then, the pain can let us go. Get to Know More about Reconnect with Self, Priyanshi Bhardwaj offer Grief Counseling in Delhi helps you in Depression and Grief Counseling.

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